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Discovering Singapore: A Westerner's Perspective

Singapore, a melting pot of cultures and modernity, offers a unique experience for travelers seeking adventure and diversity. Having recently returned from my journey, here's a comprehensive look at what makes Singapore such a captivating destination.

Youth Mental Health: Mental health awareness is a significant focus in Singapore, reflecting the city's commitment to the well-being of its younger generation.

Cultural Diversity: The juxtaposition of Western and Asian cultures creates a vibrant tapestry that sets Singapore apart from other destinations in the region.

Politeness and Patience: Locals exhibit remarkable politeness and patience in their daily interactions.

Cleanliness and Fines: Singapore's cleanliness standards are enforced through strict fines, ensuring that the city remains pristine and welcoming to all.

Vibrant Nightlife: Singapore's nightlife scene is characterized by lively rooftop bars and bustling streets.

Business Hub: As a thriving business hub, Singapore attracts employees and employers from around the world, which explains the abundance of skyscrapers. Believe it or not, Singapore does have more skyscrapers relative to its land size compared to Australia or Canada.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives: The city's commitment to sustainability is evident in its eco-friendly practices and lush green spaces scattered throughout urban areas.

Unique Driving Experience: Driving in Singapore is a unique experience, with strict regulations and a focus on safety contributing to smooth traffic flow.

Cosmetic Trends: Cosmetic procedures like lip fillers and Botox are popular among MEN.

Expatriate Presence: The city is home to a diverse expatriate community, with British and Australian nationals among the many who call Singapore home.

Social Welfare: Singapore's low rates of homelessness and crime contribute to its reputation as a safe and orderly society. I haven't seen any homeless on the streets.

Cultural Quirks (particularités): From the ban on chewing gum to the discomfort with compliments, let's just say that Singaporeans have their unique cultural quirks.

Client-Oriented Service: Service in Singapore is highly client-oriented, with a focus on ensuring customer satisfaction in every interaction.

Cultural Dynamics: Respect for elders is deeply ingrained in Singaporean culture, with letting them have priority seating being a common practice.

Fashion and Lifestyle: Minimalist fashion dominates the scene, while sun protection and whitening treatments are common beauty ideals. For example, I haven't seen a Chinese woman without an umbrella or long sleeves!

Transportation and Safety: Efficient public transportation and strict safety measures contribute to Singapore's reputation as a convenient and safe city to navigate.

Environmental Consciousness: Singapore's commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in its green initiatives and clean air.

Island Escapes: Singapore offers easy access to nearby islands like Palawan, providing a taste of tropical paradise within reach of the city.

Importance of Food: With its many hawker centers serving up a tantalizing array of cuisines, Singaporeans' passion for food is evident. These culinary hubs offer a taste of the city's rich cultural heritage, making them essential stops for any visitor looking to indulge in Singapore's vibrant food scene.


While I couldn't see myself living in Singapore permanently, I highly recommend visiting this dynamic city-state. To live here, one would need a profound love for Asia and a readiness to embrace the cultural diversity and unique experiences that Singapore offers. Despite its differences, Singapore remains a captivating destination that promises to leave a lasting impression on any traveler.


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